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This is what one school achieved in 2016-7

Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School

Fair Trade Committee 2016/2017

Members: - Francesca, Lily, Jonathan, Hane, Callum and Josh

Helped by Mrs Angela Pym, Teaching Assistant

Each half term the committee members run a Fair Trade Friday tuck shop – selling chocolate bars, cakes, chocolates and biscuits priced from 20p each and fruit juice priced at 50p per carton. We are pleased to have links with Shrewsbury Fairtrade shop www.shrewsburyfairtrade.com/schools/ and we sometimes sell goods on their behalf at our school. Visit the stall in the Market Hall to see a vast range of fairly traded products available. During Fairtrade fortnight we had 2 additional tuck shops at which woven friendship bracelets and fairly traded bookmarks were available.

The committee helped Mrs Archer with an assembly about where and how Bala Sport balls (www.balasport.co.uk) are made in Pakistan. To watch the video presentation visit schools.fairtrade.org.uk/resource/football/

Oak class visited Cadbury World and learned how chocolate is made. The Fair Trade Committee members proudly wore their badges when they visited the site. Topic work included learning about Fairtrade cocoa.

We continue to sell fairly traded Kilombero rice, not only in school, but also through the Shrewsbury Cathedral parish newsletter. The rice which is grown in Malawi is sourced by us from Just Trading Scotland. http://shop.jts.co.uk/rice/

The committee members run a Fair Trade stall at the school’s Christmas fair and summer fair. With profits made during this school year we have purchased some Bala sports balls to use for our next fundraising for Fairtrade.



Fairtrade Fortnight 2016

Cathedral Catholic Primary School

Pride of place this year belongs to Cathedral. They have now received both the FairAware and the FairActive awards. (See their photo on the ‘gallery’ page)

They held two Fairtrade Friday tuck-shops in Fairtrade Fortnight, and on Wednesday 2nd March, the Fairtrade Committee took an assembly about Fairtrade. Each child on the committee had produced a slide for their power-point presentation , and they also showed the video of Pablo the Super-banana. Ken and Meriel Chippindale were delighted to be able to attend the assembly and to congratulate the committee on all their hard work.

Cathedral are hoping to hold a further event later in the year based loosely on the idea of a big breakfast. Meanwhile they continue to sell fairly traded Kilombero rice and Eswatini Kitchen jams, pickles and chutneys from Just Trading Scotland (www.justtradingscotland.co.uk) and sports balls from www.balasport.co.uk

Redhill Primary School, Telford

It was a pleasure to visit Redhill, who have once again been awarded the Fairachiever award this month (April 2016 ) in recognition of their long commitment to Fairtrade and how they both embed learning across areas of the curriculum, and promote it to the wider community .

In this school, those wanting to be on the Fairtrade Committee have to write a letter explaining why it is important to them. As a result, there is a strong committee of 18 children, from Years 4,5 and 6. They were proud to show off their gym tops, which are Fairtrade and bear the label “Redhill plays Fair”.

They had a number of events marking Fairtrade Fortnight, including a special assembly, and a number of children were able to accompany their teacher to hear Sheena Buji speak at Harper Adams. They also held a Fairtrade stall, with refreshments and a variety of games related to Fairtrade for the children.

Mereside C of E Primary School

Once again, Mereside planned activities to involve the entire school. The head writes:

“We had a great fortnight with events in both weeks and it was good to see the pupils building on their prior learning. Year 5 did a ‘late breakfast’ for their parents and made super leaflets again.

The younger pupils had a fruit mad week, making fruit faces and fruit salads with Fairtrade products and learning some geography at the same time.”

Mereside have also completed the necessary tasks for the first two awards (FairAware and FairActive), and hope to enter for the awards soon.

Woodfield Infant School

Woodfield have a long history of supporting Fairtrade, and it was good to be invited back to take an assembly during Fairtrade Fortnight.

But perhaps most exciting, have been visits to meet members of staff at both St Giles C of E Primary School, and Prestfelde Preparatory School, to discuss how best to ‘embed’ Fairtrade in their normal curriculum.

In both cases, there was a considerable excitement as to the possibilities – for example, seeing sugar producers as individuals with their own story, but also learning about their country, learning about healthy eating and the dangers of too much sugar, maybe baking, and using arithmetic skills to cost ingredients and create accounts…. It was easy to get carried away with the possibilities, and I very much look forward to returning, and seeing how things have worked out in practice.



Fairtrade Fortnight 2015

Mereside Church of England Primary School in Fairtrade Fortnight:

The plans:
* The youngest pupils are going to explore the concepts of fair and unfair and role play around a Fairtrade cafe.
* Year 1 and 2 are going to look at what Fairtrade products are available and particularly the geography angle of where they come from (some may be visiting our local Co-Op).
* Lower KS2 are keen to look at a product in detail e.g. bananas or chocolate and use it to find out where and how the product is produced and how Fairtrade products are different to non-Fairtrade.
* Upper KS2 are thinking about persuasive and discursive writing so could do with finding out the arguments for/ against Fairtrade.
* All classes are going to be involved in working toward putting on a Fairtrade cafe on the final Friday morning of Fairtrade Fortnight, using the brownie recipes we have been sent.


I was able to visit this school in Fairtrade Fortnight. The whole school was alive with activities.
Fairtrade had been ‘embedded’ in ‘normal’ lessons - maths 3D models had the Fairtrade logo drawn on them, and for English, one class had been given a particularly wordy description of Fairtrade, and asked to create 12 points to help younger children understand the concept.
In the computer suite, Year 5 were creating A4 sheets to persuade adults about the benefits of Fairtrade to the producers and growers of the developing world – their passion shone through what they were doing.
Other classes could tell me the difference between what a cocoa grower could expect to make for his crop, compared with what the owners of the companies might expect to make.
They also contrasted the amount we spend on chocolate, with the poverty of the growers.
Various groups had been engaged in making scones and brownies using Fairtrade ingredients, ready for a café the following day, where they were hoping to convince the adults present of the importance of buying Fairtrade.
It was an exciting glimpse at how readily children see and feel the justice of Fairtrade, and the point of adopting it.

Meriel Chippindale

* Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar are available in the staff room.


Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School

* This school has a dedicated Fairtrade committee in year 6, which changes each school year. A Fairtrade afternoon was held in June 2014 to mark the handover from the old to the new committee, and included a ‘Bake sale’ showing off their entry to the Fairtrade Foundation 20th anniversary celebrations.

* They held a Fairtrade Friday Tuck Shop which the children ran with a minimum of assistance, and also a stall at their school Christmas fair.

* They are also carrying on with the ‘90kg Rice Challenge’ (fairly traded Kilomber rice obtained through Just Trading Scotland). They have so far sold 85kg.

* Earlier in the year, the class teacher of year 6 (in which the committee children are based) concentrated on Fairtrade as one of the topics for her class's literacy lessons. As an exercise in letter writing, the children wrote a letter to Tesco to thank them for donations that had been made towards their Fairtrade raffle at the Christmas Fair.

* The school marked Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 with assemblies about Fairtrade and another Fairtrade Friday Tuck Shop.

* Fairtrade tea and coffee are now available in the staff room.

* It was good to see a notice board display about Fairtrade.


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